FHM Model Lorraine De Jesus

I'm sure a lot of us have seen Lorraine naked-er way before these came out. But this set's different. 1st because there are no pussy-munching simulation involved. 2nd because Lorraine has gotten way way sexier over the months. And 3rd because there are no pussy-munching simulation ... but I think I mentioned that already.
The thing is, this is for FHM's monthly 100% Hottie, which explains why they had to drag the other girl outta the photoshoot. ... Or maybe this is a different shoot where chicks aren't suppose to eat each other. Anyway, thanks "John"! And credit goes out to Borj Meneses and FHM.com.ph. Seriously, this is one of the classier 100% Hottie shoots out there. The sizzling hot, 25-photo set to what is believed to be the 1st set of the Lorraine De Jesus 100% Hottie

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